Paris with a Pretty Girl


Biking in Barcelona


A Quick Stop in Athens

We basically had a long layover in Athens, so we decided to make the most of it with the 14 hours we had.  We put our luggage into Left Luggage at the airport and took the train into the city.  We went to the Acropolis and surrounding areas for some sightseeing.  

The Adventures of Pegasus in Kos, Greece

Before our trip we saw a giant pegasus floaty that we knew WE HAD TO HAVE.  We were going to Greece.  We needed a pegasus.  For transportation. It was sold out everywhere, but I managed to find it on Ali Baba (and then kind of sort of pretended I was a vendor and used my […]

Santorini 💒

Oia in Santorini is the most picturesque place I’ve ever been- it’s all stark white and bright blue, perched up on cliffs overlooking the ocean.  The whole island is incredibly scenic, and we went exploring!  We rented a quad vehicle, and after a few mishaps (discovering it didn’t go in reverse, not actually remembering how […]

La Mercè Festival in Barcelona

We went to Barcelona in mid-September during the La Mercè festival.  The streets were full of people out celebrating, and there were free public concerts and events everywhere.  It’s the biggest party of the year, and a great time to visit! Walking home from dinner one night, we stumbled across a very strange parade. After some internet-ing […]

Postcards from Florence

Postcards from Amsterdam

Postcards from Tuscany


Postcards from Venice 📍