Calf Creek Falls Hike | Southern Utah

Calf Creek falls is in the Grand Staircase/Escalante area of Southern Utah, in one of the most scenic parts of a very scenic state.  You’re surrounded by towering red and white Navajo sandstone formations as you hike in to the large (for the desert!) waterfall.


How to get there:

It’s a little out of the way…unless you are exploring the area (which you should!).  There’s no public transportation or anything, you would have to drive in.  The closest town is Boulder, Utah (the last place in the US to have their mail delivered by mule).  There is a campground at the trailhead with basic amenities.  There’s parking at the trailhead as well.  The trailhead coordinates are  37.794049, -111.414733, it’s right off Highway 12 about 11 miles south of Boulder.


When to go:

It gets well over a 100 degrees there in the summer, so that’s not the best time unless you go very early in the morning.  Spring has the nicest weather and the waterfall will be larger, but the water will be freezing to swim in.  Fall will have great weather as well but the falls may be small.  There is a huge temperature difference at night, so if you leave very early make sure to wear layers you can take off.


What the hike is like:

It’s about 6 miles roundtrip, and on mostly level ground.  There’s little to no shade though, and you’ll be walking through sand for much of it.  I would suggest wearing sandals with straps (like Tevas) so sand won’t collect, and you can get your feet wet.


The waterfall:

Is 126 feet high, falling into a pool that is perfect to take a dip in!  The canyon ends at the waterfall, but if you continue on there is upper Calf Creek falls that is smaller but also has a good swimming hole.

206962_17824304688_641_n The scenery nearby is also gorgeous:






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