Somos Cuba

Cuba is one of the most special places I’ve ever been.  It has a vibe that is entirely its own, brought to life with its vibrant colors, music, and people.

View of a little square from our Airbnb.  Around dusk the square would fill up with young people on cell phones- there is public internet nightly at the squares.  It’s a strange scene- a crowded square of people just staring at phones and not talking.


This smoking rollerblader was about 12 years old, and him and his friends were tearing up the park.

Another different thing about Cuba is that there isn’t a lot to buy- there’s very few packaged foods, no supermarkets, and just very little commerce in general.  People buy fresh fruits and veggies from vendors pushing carts.


This used to be an upscale shopping district before the revolution.  Huge department stores now stand empty, and rubble lines the street.

Classic ropa vieja.




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