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Vallodolid is a medium-sized old colonial city in the heart of the Yucatan.  It’s a busy city, but far from the touristy crowds.  Valladolid is full of crumbly buildings and hidden attractions.  Right in the middle of the city there’s a gorgeous cenote.

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We stayed in a very nice and very cheap hotel right on the city center square, El Mesón del Marqués.  It was a perfect base to do some exploring!



We got there late in the day and were ready for some dinner.  I had looked up some recommended restaurants and the one we picked was delicious!  The restaurant is Taberna de los Frailes.  It had local specialties such as tsi’ik, smoked pulled pork marinated in a special Mayan radish and sour orange sauce, and other yummy traditional Mayan food.  We got a heaping plate of the tsi’ik and pipían chicken, accompanied by fresh hot corn tortillas and toppings.  The restaurant was fancy, with large patios and nice decor, and the servers spoke a little english.

Valladolid was busy at night, with lots of families out enjoying the public spaces.


Random procession in the main square.

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Tucked away in the middle of the city is the amazing Zaci cenote.  We went to the restaurant there for lunch, expecting mediocre tourist food, but were very pleasantly surprised.  We feasted on more local specialties then headed over the the cenote a few feet away from the restaurant.  You can visit the cenote for free if you eat at the restaurant (I think we saved a dollar)!


The water was a deep emerald-blue color. The cave is about 150 feet across, and 260 feet deep, much of which is filled with water.



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