La Mercè Festival in Barcelona

We went to Barcelona in mid-September during the La Mercè festival.  The streets were full of people out celebrating, and there were free public concerts and events everywhere.  It’s the biggest party of the year, and a great time to visit!

Walking home from dinner one night, we stumbled across a very strange parade.

katarinaflick_barcelona_merce-parade-1 katarinaflick_barcelona_merce-parade-2

After some internet-ing later, I found out that these are called ‘gegants’.  Originally the festival was to honor the Virgin of Mercy, I’m not sure when that became Star Wars characters and the strange bare-breasted bird-nurse (that one was my favorite).

katarinaflick_barcelona_merce-parade-3 katarinaflick_barcelona_merce-parade-4


Not the best photo, but IT’S A BARE BREASTED PARROT NURSE




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