Bali- Batukaru Jungle Trek

We went on a jungle trek and unexpectedly ended up eating our way through the jungle…13 delicious tropical fruits, a long hike, and some gorgeous rice paddies later, we ended up at our guide’s village compound eating a multi-course lunch cooked by his wife, then ended with a beautiful remote mountain temple.

We wanted to explore the jungle in Bali, and Kanya found this guided trek from

This was the description:

“Batukaru jungle trek will take full day trip, leave Ubud 8 am will be back in Ubud around 5 pm. The trek will start from highest of small village on slope of mount Batukaru, into the jungle and finish at rice terace area near the village name’s Bengkel.
Also will drive through the famous beautiful Jatiluwih rice terrace on the way to get there.

Batukaru jungle trek cost Rp 300.000/person includes mineral water, traditional bali cakes (snaks),  fresh fruit pick directly from the jungle, young coconut and beautiful lunch at the end. (minimum 2 person). Will be extra cost Rp 600.000 per car for the all day transport. So the total cost for 2 person is Rupiah 1.200.000.”

It was amazing!  Our guides were so nice and showed us all around their village before we entered the jungle.  We sampled more than a dozen delicious tropical fruits, picked on the spot.  We asked a million questions and they answered them all.


Ijuk fiber for thatch roofs


katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_24 katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_22

Delicious mangosteen and spicy peppers for cooking.

katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_20 katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_19


katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_16 katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_18

Bamboo ladder used to climb tall trees with only your toes.  I tried this and couldn’t make it past one hole.


Jackfruit- my favorite!




Traditional irrigation system running through all the rice paddies.

katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_12 katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_21

katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_13 katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_27


Eating yet another snack, a sweet rice treat wrapped in a leaf.


katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_28 katarinaflick_bali_jungle-trek_29

We were there at the end of the wet season, and the rice paddies were a lush bright green.


This lady was catching dragonflies to sell for lunches.  😶


After the hike, we headed back to the village to eat!  Our guide’s wife had made us a huge lunch.



Bali red rice- apparently they used to grow it everywhere in Bali but then the government started pushing white rice because it has three harvests a year (versus 2) but the white rice has given everyone diabetes because of its higher sugar content and lack of nutrients comparatively.  According to our guide.  Anyways, it was great rice.  And we don’t have diabetes yet.


On our way back to Ubud, we stopped at a remote temple.  It was so peaceful, we were the only ones there.

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