Swing over water at Gili Trawangan Ombak hotel

Gili Trawangan

Gili T is a sleepy little island off the north-east coast of Bali, just a short ferry ride away.  We took the fast boat from Amed, but you can get ferries from southern Bali as well.  There’s not much on the island, just a row of very touristy shops and restaurants.  Accommodations vary, there are a ton of cheap hostels but also expensive resorts…we couldn’t find much in between.  We ended up staying in one of the nice resorts, which was a welcome retreat after so many exhausting days of traveling.

The main thing to do in Gili T is take the boat trips to go diving/snorkeling and explore the other islands.  The beaches on the island are mostly rocky, though the water is crystal clear and warm.  There are a ton of bars and restaurants that are right on the beach so you can enjoy drinks and food while looking at the view.

And yes, the Pinterest-famous swing is there.  We pretty much went here just because of that.  There are a couple of the swings, just a little bit out of town by the Sunset Ombak hotel.  You can rent a bike in town and head out there, it’s about a 10-15 bike ride.  There were always people at the swings when we were there, so you may have to wait to get pictures.  It gets especially crowded at sunset, but I think the best light is early in the morning so you’re lit up and not silhouetted.  There are multiple swings, including a large double one.  The hotel got wise though, and put up an ugly yellow sign that says ‘Hotel Ombak’ on it.


Mid-afternoon light. The top picture is early in the morning.


They don’t allow cars on Gili T, so they have cute horse-drawn carts instead.


Beach goats!


Millionth plate of mei goreng on the trip.





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