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Amber Fort • Jaipur

The Amber (pronounce as ‘Amer’, the ‘b’ is silent and you’ll see it spelled both ways) fort and palace are spectacular, perched high on the hills overlooking Jaipur and surrounded by a huge winding wall that rivals China’s.  The complex was built in the 1500s.  The palace is a labyrinth of tiny rooms full of […]

Fatehpur Sikri – The Victory City

Fatehpur Sikri- this was the original Mughal capitol, built in the 1500s but abandoned shortly after completion due to the lack of water and resources. The name means ‘victory city’, and the fort is very impressive.  It is built out of the local red sandstone, and the many buildings have intricate carvings and beautiful design […]

Taj Mahal from EVERY Angle

The Taj Mahal did not disappoint, it was even more spectacular than expected!  The craftsmanship is unreal and the marble just glows, it’s such a gorgeous building.  First we viewed it (aka had photoshoot) from the Mehtab Bagh, the ‘moonlight gardens’ that are directly across the Yamuna river from the Taj Mahal.  The gardens are […]