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Soho Photo Diary 2

In-N-Out Burger

Soho Photo Diary

A Very Embarrassing Cambodian Photoshoot

In which Kanya and I go get Cambodian glamor shots… All the girls in Kanya’s family have Cambodian glamor shots.  They look like beautiful Khmer dolls, pale lily-white and heavily made-up.  We naturally had to go get our own done.  It was quite the experience.  We get to the studio as a bride is finishing […]

I ♡ Hawai’i – Photo Diary

A series of photos from various trips to Hawai’i…I just keep going back.  

White Rocks Hike, Utah

One of my all-time favorite hikes is in St. George, Utah, about a mile away from my dad’s house.  Southern Utah is full of breathtaking scenery and great hiking.  While Zion and the larger national parks are more famous, there are some great spots right by the town of St. George.  This hike is at […]


Lemonade is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles.  It’s cheap, fast, and delicious.  And fairly healthy (unless you get the mac and cheese, like I always do).  Lemonade restaurants have been popping up all over Los Angeles, there’s one on Abbot Kinney in Venice just a couple blocks away from my house. It’s […]